The Giants’ Historical Trail

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This circular trail reaches all the places  connected with the famous battle of Marignano (1515), also known as the “Battle of Giants”. This encounter saw the approximately 30,000-strong army of King Francis I of

France join battle with about 20,000 confederate Swiss soldiers at the gates of Milan. In the aftermath, the Duchy of Milan fell to France (Treaty of Noyon, 1516) while, for the Swiss, this heavy defeat marked the beginning of the wartime neutrality they have maintained to this day. Various places of worship arose on the battlefields in honour of the fallen and can still be visited today. As this is a round trip, the circuit can be started from the village of Viboldone and proceed to Zivido, the Cascina Santa Brera farmhouse (where King Francis camped with his troops), the Rocca Brivio Castle, the Cascina Cappuccina, the wood of Montorfano, and the Ossuary of the Church of Santa Maria delle Nevi in Mezzano.