La Valle dei Monaci Parco della Vettabbia

The Valley of the Monks is an area that is rich in history. Nowadays it is undergoing new settlement transformation projects , upgrading and environment-friendly technological experimentation. It is the Gate to the Parco Agricolo Sud Milano and headquarters of the Vettabbia Park. In itself, it is a network of more than 40 organizations whose main aim is to restore this valuable Milanese asset.

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  • Children and Young People


    The Valley of the Monks offers several activities dedicated to young people, to help them to grow, learn and have fun. Here is the updated list of all the initiatives.

    Events for children and youth
  • Walks and Spirituality


    For a moment of reflection, meditation or a simple breath of air away from the frenetic pace of the city. Routes and proposals among the monasteries, abbeys and places of worship that abound in the Valley of the Monks.

    Routes Of Spirituality
  • Bikes and Nature


    Discover the Valley of the Monks on foot or by bike, choosing any one of the paths that we have mapped out - otherwise you can explore our sites by creating a path of your own.

    Walking and Cycling Routes
  • Art and Culture


    From medieval frescoes to contemporary art installations, from monastic to agricultural architecture, from archaeological findings to sustainable technology - the Valley of the Monks is an area of many attractions: find your own path among the different routes we propose.

    Archaeological and Cultural Paths

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